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Hello, Honey Bees,

I’m Brandon. I started Dresses & Appetizers (D&A) to express 2 great loves – style and cooking. I like long walks, picnic blankets, dresses from Anthropologie, DC, NYC, appetizers and anything that taste like steak. It’s a pleasure meeting you.

I grew up in the wonderful District of Columbia, where I wrote short films, designed graphics and project managed a CMA for interior designers. The “food light bulb” was lit when I realized I was having weekly dinner parties {cooking tomato and shrimp linguini, garlic broccollini, panko-crusted filet mignon, stuffed peppers, zucchini and garbanzo bean soup…} and couldn’t be happier then when I shared food with friends.

Attending The French Culinary Institute just made sense and from 2009’s classic culinary graduation until now, I am in NYC (with frequent visits to D.C.)  cooking, writing, recipe testing, and playing with my food and these culinary brands.

Culinary Brands - Brandon Maya

I hope you enjoy D&A’s food fun as much as I love cooking, photographing and writing about it. Feel free to write me if you have any questions or requests at bmayafood {at}

Take a peek at my culinary work and services at Here is some of my food fun:

Keep exploring D&A, it will brighten your day!

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