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The Imperfect Shrimp Taco and Me


messy shrimp Taco

I’ll just come out with it — after an 8 year hiatus from my beloved blog I am adding this photo of the worst shrimp taco I’ve ever tasted. And if that’s not bad enough, I cooked this mess. This hodgepodge of veggies with salty shrimp wrapped in a tortilla of disappointment is the most wonderfully vulnerable photo I could have posted to reconnect with my blog. This crustacean blunder signifies my imperfection, hilarity and growth in food and life. And, yes, of course, I ate the entire salt lick taco. After all, I bought that shrimp from Whole Foods with American dollars!

I’ve always loved blogging and at times I have gotten in my own way from coming back to it. I’d make excuses like “well… I have a smorgasbord of delicious pics on Instagram”, I don’t have time because of my food and tech work, also who will care anyway…”  The answer to the last question is – me and that’s enough.

I am celebrating food daily and want to start capturing my stories. I experiment fervently with new recipes for my tastebuds and my coif, I explored smoked meat sandwiches in Montreal while speaking broken French, survived and enjoyed teaching high school students about their power in the culinary arts and the list goes on to even include fried chicken with Marcus Samuelson and Micheal B Jordan.

Needless to say, I’m reconnecting with my blog to journal my everlasting culinary obsession and journey of imperfection, hilarity and growth. More to come…

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