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What Was Your 1st Meal of the New Year?


Greetings, Chestnuts! There’s nothing like the taste of pear and persimmon appetizers to celebrate the New Year. Taste the flavors of the season with  seasonal fruits, vegetables and appetizers that are perfect for winter.

Food Photography: Leeks by Brandon Maya

January Seasonal Food Picture: Leeks, Dresses & Appetizers
January Seasonal Vegetables
: Beetroot, Belgian endive, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrot, celeriac, cherimoya, chestnuts, Chinese cabbage, collard greens, daikon, kale, leeks, parsnip,  pummelo, pumpkin, red cabbage, shallot, swede (rutabaga),  sweet dumpling squash, sweet potatoes, turnips, Winter squash

January Seasonal Fruits: Dates, clementines, red grapefruit, white grapefruit, kiwi fruit, oranges, parsnip, passion fruit, pear, persimmons, tangerine, red currants

January Seasonal Meat: Duck, Goose, Sea bass (Grouper), Scallop, Pacific yellowtail, Pacific cod, Monkfish, Halibut, Lobster, Mussels, Stone Crab

January Appetizer Recipes

Season’s Eats Rewind

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  1. 10 pm

    I too am a seasonal food convert. but here in Australia it’s more cherries, apricots, the first of the tomatoes, lettuce etc etc. Have a great 2011!

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 pm

      Happy 2011, Bee!
      I would love a ripe tomato for a tomato and goat cheese salad or just eating plain with sea salt. Enjoy the Australian food bounty!

      Love, Peace and Apricot-Sauced Pork Appetizers,
      Brandon Maya

  2. brandon maya permalink*
    11 pm

    My first meal of 2011 was raisin challah french toast and persimmons. Happy New Year!

  3. 11 pm

    My first meal was toasted golden fig bread topped with strawberry, cranberry, and blueberry conserve. I am in the process of making Monkey-ish Bread for my girls.

    • brandon maya permalink*
      11 pm

      Happy 2001, Felice,
      Toasted fig bread sounds amazing, your crab cake looks delicious too! Have fun with the monkey bread.

      Love, Peace and 2011 Appetizers,
      Brandon Maya

  4. Kathleen permalink
    11 pm

    Balsamic-marinated Steak, poached eggs and herbed parsnip.

    • brandon maya permalink*
      11 pm

      I love steak. I made a steak frite appetizer with horseradish cream that would leave you speechless. Great choice for 2011!

      Love, Peace and Steak Appetizers,
      Brandon Maya

  5. 11 am

    So key to eat seasonally!! Totally with you on this one. Happy new year! My first meal…cuppa tea!

    • brandon maya permalink*
      11 pm

      Hi, Belinda,
      A cuppa tea sounds fitting for the frosty weather. I preferred Green Tea but now drink hydrating camomile. What tea do you fancy?

      Love, Peace and Tea-smoked Appetizers,
      Brandon Maya

  6. 14 am

    i like it on a stick .. Simply making my food fancy 😉

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