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Truffles and Croutons Sitting in a Tree K.I.S.S…


Hello there, Fancy Pants! I’ve ben thinking about how much you like truffles so I dreamed up a recipe for truffle-kissed croutons. If you have 1 bottle of white truffle oil to last the year, like your wallet told you to, you can use this recipes where a few drops go a long way. Enjoy!

Truffle Crouton RecipeFood Photography by Andi Galpern: Truffle-Croutons and Butter Lettuce

Truffle Croutons
Serves 12

White bread, (wonder bread used in the recipe)
Kosher salt, to taste
White Truffle oil, to taste

Here’s a trick to cutting perfect cubes of bread — add bread to the freezer for 2 hours, this makes it easier to cut. Remove  3 slices from the freezer at a time, stack them and cut off crust, then into small cubes. Repeat until all bread is cubed.

Set a large pan to medium heat. Add 2 Tbsp of olive oil, add cubed bread to cover pan in 1 even layer. Gently cook, adding oil as needed, toss croutons occasionally, until golden brown. Repeat until all bread is golden. Add croutons to a large bowl, lightly toss with salt and dashes of truffle oil, to taste.

Place croutons on top of salads with a light vinaigrette and thank me later, you lucky duck!

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