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One Tasty Order: Boqueria NYC and DC


Every restaurant has ONE Tasty dish that deliciously haunts your dreams long after you savor it. Some restaurants have the perfect tuna crudo, best chicken and waffles, most tender lobster with butta, or grilled cheeseburger, and if you think of that comforting meal long enough you can almost taste the deliciousness. For Boqueria Restaurant, the ONE Tasty Order to devour is the grilled and tender lamb skewers with salsa verde. Eat. Enjoy. And Comment Your Opinion….

Food Porn: Grilled Lamb with Herb Puree, Pickled Onions and Crostini

How did you get your grilled and tender lamb skewers to be more deliciously addictive than a mid-rare tenderloin, Boqueria? When you go to Boqueria, this damn-delicious tapa should be on  your plate…

ONE Tasty Order: Grilled lamb, salsa verde, pickled shallots, toasted Stirato bread

Why so tasty: The lamb has a grilled flavor and is served tenderly mid-rare. The richness of the lamb is met with the puck of pickled shallots and the freshness of chopped herbs. The crusty bread that’s soaked with all this deliciousness is just a delicious tease.


Atmosphere: The tables are bar-height on the main floor. The decor is casual, café chic. Whiskey-wood-colored bar-height tables and tall leather booths circle an oval bar that houses plenty of Old Fashions and freshly cut prosciutto. Over the bar are chalkboards that list each chalk-scripted menu item. It’s a cool vibe packed with vibrant but not noisy eaters great for a group. Pics below:

Contact Info: Dupont Circle — Boqueria, 1837 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20037 | 202.558.9545

Make Reservations @ — search for “Boqueria”

Boqueria Bar Pictures
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