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ONE Tasty Order @ Smith Commons


Every restaurant has ONE special dish that deliciously haunts your dreams long after you eat it. Some restaurants have the perfect seafood pasta, best chicken and waffles, most delicious rib-eye steak, tastiest lamb chop and if you think of it hard enough you can almost taste the deliciousness. For Smith Commons Restaurant, the ONE dish to crave is the tart and spicy green beans with stir-fry sauce and garlic.

Stir-fry sauce and garlic green beans, Smith Commons

Well smack my fanny and call me Delicious! How did you get your tangy and spicy string beans to be more deliciously addictive than French fries, Smith Commons? When you go to Smith Commons, this damn tasty veg should be on  your table…

ONE Tasty Order: String Beans with Stir-fry sauce

Why so tasty: The string bean is lightly cooked so it’s crunchy and fresh. The light, tangy and perfectly salty sauce coats the string beans. And the peppers give a piquant kick.

Rooftop Deck: Hells Yes

Atmosphere: The first floor is an amber-lit, humming restaurant with high and low wooden tables, plus a full bar. Second floor has a roof deck, beautiful big windows and … well see for yourself, below…
Smith Commons second floor

Did ya know: Smith Commons is Open Table’s 2012 Diners Choice Winner.

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