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Stuffed Eggplant & The Virtual Cooking Class Experiment 01


Merci, Interweb, thanks to you the cooking class experiment between France and Washington, DC is a hit. It all started when an unsuspecting eater in France wanted to have virtual cooking classes while I’m in DC. Given that I love giving classes (usually in-person) and virtual parties, I was in. Check out how the tender lamb and feta stuffed-eggplant virtual class is done below…

spicy lamb stuffed eggplant with herbs recipe

Here’s how it works: The virtual cooking class walks the French foodie through recipes like creamed pasta and with fresh garlic and warm shiitake mushrooms, the tender chicken cooked in homemade Indian-spiced tomato sauce and much more by using Gmail, Instant message and/or phone. It’s a deliciously virtual way  to experiment with remote cooking classes in real-time. When the eater has questions about a foodthey send pics via Gmail or Instant message, and we walk through the delicious fare together.  There is no exact recipe – the foodie picks the foods they crave (meats, cheeses, veggies), tells me how hungry they are and we are off to a tasty virtual food class! They learn techniques including searing meat, peeling tomatoes, making sauces and more. And  all-in-all the experimental, virtual cooking class is fun deliciousness!

Directions: Currently, I give these delicious recipes virtually or in-person if you’re in DC but the recipes will be on the website soon. In the mean time, dig in to past virtual food experiments!

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