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Romantic Entertaining and Appetizer Kit!


Happy Love Day, in advance. When cupid bites your toosh it doesn’t matter if  your love has parsley in their teeth, you will find them sexy anyway. But if you’re still in the “I don’t want this person to know I eat pasta with my hands-stage ” then you’ll want Appetizers That Help You Eat Sexy and A Bonus Entertaining Kit.

Valentine's Day Recipe and Entertaining Ideas, Dresses & AppetizersFood Art by Brandon Maya: Radishes with Nori Butter

Romantic Appetizer & Entertaining Kit

Romantic Music: It Never Crossed My Mind by George Shearling. To set the mood for your date, here’s the most  beautiful song on earth . Warning: You may fall in love once you hear it.  

Dinner Party Idea: Indoor Picnic - Dresses and Appetizers

Entertaining Idea no.1: Romantic Winter Picnic.

Don’t let the cold stop you from impressing your date, turn your living room into a picnic. All you need is a picnic blanket and these charming extras…

Lucky no.7  Date Night Appetizer Recipes

1. Passion Pear and Prosciutto
pears and prosciutto appetizer - Dresses and Appetizers

2. Sultry Shrimp in Endive [Drunk with Love]

3. Frisky Figs and Mangoes

Fig and Mango Recipe - Dresses & Appetizers

4. Sexy Steamed Mussels
Mussels in White Wine Picture - Dresses & Appetizers

5. Golden Crisp Baby Artichokes
Fried Artichokes Hearts - Dresses & Appetizers

6. Honey and Ricotta Crostini
ricotta crostini with honey, Dresses & Appetizers

7. Romantic Dessert & Entertaining Idea no.2: Blind Chocolate Mousse Taste Test

Entertaining Idea: Blindfold Feeding, Dresses & Appetizers

Lusty Libation: Botter Prosecco

Extra Love: Vintage Romantic Picture Show: Vintage Valentine’s Day by Gourmet Magazine, 1986
Be inspired by an 80’s Valentine’s Day Menu-O-Love by Gourmet Magazine.
Vintage Gourmet Magazine Valentine's Menu, Dresses & Appetizers
3 Comments leave one →
  1. 11 pm

    How fun! All great ideas! Especially the picnic!

    • brandon maya permalink*
      11 pm

      Greetings, Tiffany,
      Make sure you try at home and let me know how it goes!

      Love, Peace and Sexy Appetizers,
      Brandon Maya

  2. 11 pm

    Great eats, great treats and possibly the best song ever written. Great post!

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