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Food Network Star Judge Interview: Behind the Scenes, Season 7


Hey Hungry Aliens!

Quick question: Given the opportunity to be anyone on Next Food Network Star for a day, who would you choose? There’s Vic Moea the Italian Momma’s Boy, Mary Beth the DC Food Writer, Jeff Mauro the Sandwich King, Susie Jimenez the Mexican Goddess and the list goes on.

I’m choosing a Food Network exec that works behind the brand. And today I was granted the opportunity to interview that Food Network monster, Mr.T. Who is this mystery man, you ask?

It’s Bob “T”uschman, Food Network Star judge and General Manager of FN. Check out how he manages a culinary giant, creates a successful food show all while learning from his camera mistakes as a NFNS judge. Here is the Food Network Star interview that was given to a handful of  lucky food bloggers including,  The Chicago Tribune , Paszaz and me.  Dig in…

Bob Tuschman Interview

Food Network Star has gone thru almost 7 seasons but Bob pulled together this intimate interview because he feels this is the best season yet with the highest level in 3 key character categories – camera presence, personality and culinary skills. Now on to the NFNS Q&A:

A. What’s impressive about a contestant?

Bob Tuschman: The people who are winning and the ones who grow the fastest in the shortest amount of time.

B. What 3 items do you look for in each contestant?

Bob Tuschman:
1. Comfort in your own skin –  Be true to who you are. Once you start losing yourself to impress someone else you fail.

2. Creative intelligence – how can you take a food challenge and use your creativity.

3. Strength, not just physical but emotional strength.

Read more of the interview at the  Chicago Tribune and Pazsaz

In case you missed it, watch Food Network Star Season 7, Iron Chef episode:

Food Network Stat Iron Chef, Season 7

Enjoy the NFNS Season 7 Finale. Who’s your vote for Food Network Star Season 7?

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