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Herb & Goat Cheese Pops!


How’s this for a cheese ball. Fresh sweet and savory herbs with velvety goat cheese can make a crowd happy.

Tarragon and Parsley Goat Cheese Recipe - Dresses & Appetizers

Serves 10

4 oz. Goat cheese (Lynnhaven is highly recommended)
1/2 Bunch Tarragon, fine chop
1 Bunch Parsley, fine chop

1. Mix the chopped herbs and lay on a chopping board.

2. Roll goat cheese in to small balls and lightly roll in the herbs. Serve with your favorite crackers or eat pure.

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  1. myblogject permalink
    11 pm

    Such a simple yet wonderful idea! THis is a definite steal. Thank you.

  2. 11 pm

    “Q ZU” 90 percent of my daily staple this summer, CUCUMBERS &ZUCHINNI ! You must do something with these ancient greens. I composed a symphony of ingredients for a creme sauce, without measurements: the base: mayonaise,olive oil, 1 lemon, white balsamic vinegar (anjou pear) I just discovered the vinegar,dill herb, spearment herb, and my secret weapon, a little brown sugar, whisk!.. u must! Sear the zuchinni n a little olive oil and butter do not cook them, delectable when close to raw.Inundate the greens with the sauce OM! just try it MOM N MY HERBAL URBAN BACKYARD.

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