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Entertaining Idea: The Dinner Party Ice Breaker!


Greetings, Food Party Hosts! You’re having a Dinner Party and you want to make sure everyone meets, mingles and is happy. The only way to guarantee a hit, besides great appetizers and lots of libations is a clever ice-breaker. This is too easy — print and plant these funny food questions around the room and watch magic happen! And if that’s not enough, inspire your menu with Spring Seasonal Fareappetizer recipes and a mixed drink menu.

Just for kicks, answer one (or all) of these food questions, in the comment section, below. Happy Entertaining!

Entertaining Idea: ice breaker food questions - Dresses & Appetizers

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  1. 11 am

    If I were a fruit, I’d be a mango! 😀

    • Jasmine Loves Rice permalink
      11 am

      How fun! My last meal ever would be paella, I’m addicted to a good bowl of paella! I can’t wait to use this at my next dinner party!

  2. 11 pm

    Fruit…ripe peach
    Steak…medium rare

    What a fun way to start a party…great idea!!!

  3. hungrysofia permalink
    11 am

    I wish I’d seen it about a month ago. Love this!

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