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Meet & Eat: 5 Food Questions for YOU!


Welcome to your 5 Question Food Interview. Chef Pages features chefs from across the globe and asks them 5 food questions to inspire the culinary artist in all of us. Chef Pages posed their Featured 5 questions to me, now I want to pass the Q & A along to you. Check out the Featured 5  food questions, below, and answer 1 or all the questions in comments!

Great Food Questions, - Dresses & Appetizers

Each week, CHEFPAGES features a chef from within our community that we think you ought to know about. So, what better way to jump-start 2011 than to feature a multi-faceted ChefPages member who embraces the full scope of our industry. Chef Brandon Maya is a culinary jack-of-all-trades and master of many…

1. How did your food/cooking obsession begin? GIVE YOUR ANSWER IN COMMENTS
When your mom has no culinary training but makes fresh pie dough and…  Read the full interview, here.

2. If you only had 5 ingredients left in your pantry, what would they be? GIVE YOUR ANSWER IN COMMENTS
Tough one…garlic, flour, white wine, tomatoes and fennel is a good start. Read the full interview, here.

3.  What is the most eclectic ingredient you have ever used? What did you use it for? GIVE YOUR ANSWER IN COMMENTS
Besides lamb’s tongue and fried cow jewels, mehijiki seaweed… Read the full interview, here.

4. Where do you look for inspiration? GIVE YOUR ANSWER IN COMMENTS
Everywhere! Art, philanthropic events, travels, restaurants. I just had Fettuccine…Read the full interview, here.

5. What value do you feel CHEFPAGES brings to the industry? GIVE YOUR ANSWER IN COMMENTS
CHEFPAGES provides something the industry lacks…Read the full interview, here.

Read the full food interview on!

8 Comments leave one →
  1. Megan permalink
    11 am

    The most eclectic ingredient I’ve used is sea urchin. I saw it on Top Chef and thought, what the hell.

    • brandon maya permalink*
      11 pm

      Greetings, Megan,
      I LOVE raw sea urchin. How did you prepare it?

      Love, Peace and Sea Urchin Appetizers,
      Brandon Maya

  2. Danny permalink
    11 am

    My mom’s onions rings made me want to cook, they are addictive. I tried to make them and just kept cooking.

    • brandon maya permalink*
      11 pm

      Howdy, Danny,
      Mmm, onion rings! My mom is also the reason I love cooking. Cheers to the mothers!

      Love, Peace and Cooking-Inheritance,
      Brandon Maya

  3. 11 pm

    I was always drawn to the kitchen since I was little, but when moved into my college apartment I began my obsession with cooking and with trying to bring the taste of home to my new surroundings. That was also a time of expanding my food horizons and trying tons of new things. I think my current inspiration is my family, taking a little bit of everyone’s taste to try to come up with updated versions of our favorites. It helps that my grandmother just moved back into our hometown and I plan into mining into her recipe arsenal and her stories.

    • brandon maya permalink*
      11 pm

      Greetings, Adriana,
      What a wonderful food beginning. Grandmothers are the best chefs and always have addictive recipes. Enjoy your food mining!

      Love, Peace and Appetizer Beginnings,
      Brandon Maya

  4. 11 pm

    I look to what’s in season, color, and texture for inspiration! 😀

    • brandon maya permalink*
      11 pm

      Hey Tiffany,
      Love your meatless meals! Where can I check out your documentaries?

      Love, Peace and Filmed Appetizers,
      Brandon Maya

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