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Saucy: Garlic-Kissed Olive Oil


Greetings, Eaters. Appetizers love to be treated to delicious dips, purees, and marinades. Lobster wontons fancy soy-lime sauce, prosciutto-wrapped pears love balsamic, and mini-crab croquettes are obsessed with tomato-filled guacamole. So on that note, enjoy Saucy, the art of making cold and hot sauces.

garlic oil, Dresses & Appetizers

Garlic Oil
Garlic, peeled and chopped
Olive oil

1. Blend oil and garlic in blender. Strain out the pieces of garlic. Brush on top of pizza dough or crostini.

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  1. David Groman permalink
    11 am

    Mmmm… garlic pizza bread sound good to me!

    • brandon maya permalink*
      11 pm

      Hey, there, David,
      I would brush the garlic oil on mini appetizer pizzas then top them with tomato sauce, basil, smoked mozzarella and shiitake mushrooms! DEEEE-LISH!

  2. hungrysofia permalink
    11 am

    Love this!

    • brandon maya permalink*
      11 pm

      Hi, Hungrysofia,
      It’s too easy not to make it. Let me know how you use it.

      Love, Peace and Garlic-oiled appetizers,
      Brandon Maya

  3. 11 am

    A garlic a a day keeps the vampires away 😛

    • brandon maya permalink*
      11 pm

      Dear, Mumu,
      Very poetic, now here’s one for you. Roses are red. Violets are blue. Garlic oil on mini pizzas? I’ll take 2!

      Love, Peace and Garlic-Oil Spoken Word,
      Brandon Maya

  4. 11 pm

    I’m so glad you posted this! One of our favorite oils, but I never thought to make it. Why not, indeed??

    • brandon maya permalink*
      11 pm

      Greetings, Kim – Liv Life,
      It’s super easy and a great way to use that leftover garlic! Let me know what dishes you plan to use it on.

      Love, Peace and Garlic Oiled Crostini,
      Brandon Maya

  5. 11 pm

    So simple and wonderful to have on hand!!

    • brandon maya permalink*
      11 pm

      Greetings, Belinda,
      From one who is addicted to garlic, I couldn’t agree more.

      Love, Peace and Garlic-oiled tomatoes,
      Brandon Maya

  6. 11 pm

    Garlic and olive oil… a perfect combination.

  7. 11 pm

    I’ve never thought to make garlic oil myself either, but why not? It’s much cheaper than buying it!

  8. Dudley permalink
    11 am

    I love to make hummus at home and am happy with doing a cilantro lime and cumin blend or a three-olive blend.

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