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Ching Ching: Enchanted Champagne Flute


Sniffing out magical tableware and recipe testing for Saveur magazine is a highlight in my culinary career. Ladies and Gents, I give my Saveur archives, full of featured recipes and tableware galore! CheersHappy New Years.

inside out champagne flute, byAMT - Dresses & Appetizers

1. Inside Out Champagne Flute 2. Inside Out Shot Glass 3. Inside Out Martini Glass 4. Inside Out Red Wine Glass

Alissia Teichroew’s stemless, inside-out champagne glass appears to be a shape-shifter: the curves and waves of the glass only appear when your pour the bubbly… Read More

inside out champagne flute picture, Dresses & Appetizers

Tableware: Inside out champagne flute
Meet the Artist: Alissia Teichroew
Get it:  BuyAMT
Drink with: Mango Bellini
New Years Day Hangover Brunch Appetizer: Salmon Croquettes with Quail Eggs

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  1. Carlie Young permalink
    10 pm

    Saveur magazine is my favourite! I’m excited to try out the hang over appetizers, smashing post.

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 pm

      Happy New Years, Carlie Young!
      Writing and cooking at Saveur is a treat. I’m glad you like the post and brunch appetizers. Enjoy the salmon croquettes the day after NYE for a hang over pick-me-up.

      Love, Peace and 2011 Appetizers,
      Brandon Maya

  2. Megan permalink
    11 am

    Cool designer! I am definitely picking up a pair of martini glasses for our next cocktail party.

    • brandon maya permalink*
      11 pm

      Hey, there, Megan!
      I am allll about stemless glassware so enjoy the martinis and send the designer, Alissia, a lovely note when you use them!

      Love, Peace and Blue Cheese-stuffed olives,
      Brandon Maya

  3. Lidia Mcclure permalink
    11 am

    Pomegranate Bellini Recipe by Nigella Lawson.For 6 bellinis 3 1 3 cups of Prosecco wine1 1 3 cup chilled pomegranate puree or concentrated juiceProportions 1 part chilled pomegranate for 3 parts chilled prosecco.2.Pour 1 4 cup pomegranate puree or juice into a glass3.Top with proseccoI used pomegranate molasses the label says pure pomegranate concentrate. I added a couple of tbsp to the bottom of the glass and topped with Spanish Cava.

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