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Eating OPAH: Oh My Moonfish!


Hello, Jumbo Shrimp! My biggest culinary finds usually come in small packages, like radish appetizers, fennel slider appetizers, steamed mussel appetizers, well, everything appetizer! But O MY, OPAH! This big fish is worth me dropping my mini appetizer rule. Meet Opah…

Opah fish picture, Dresses & Appetziers

Photography by Brandon Maya

Skipping through Whole Foods leads to its usual… a $2 organic fennel bulb here, a $6 bacon chocolate bar there, but the seafood isle had a trick up its sleeeeeve…YOW! Who knew, a huge opah fish eyeball would be staring me down as I ordered a lb. of squid. Good job with shock value, Whole Paycheck, and great fish, seeing as how opah is a trophy catch. Now, most people equate big fish with less flavor and rough texture, but opah defies the odds, feast on 5 qualities of the BIG FISH!

5 Things about Eating Opah

Uses: Sushi, Sashimi and Seared
Body: Red-orange with ivory rounds large snout and bulging eyes
Flesh: Bright-orange, large grain
Flavor: Mild, sweet and meaty
Known for good luck

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  1. 10 am

    I find it interesting that eating a certain type of fish is considered “lucky”. Either way, I enjoy fish and this particular one has my taste buds intrigued. (Never tried a fish that’s “meaty”.)

    P.S. At first glance, I thought the title of the post was “Eating OPrah” 😛

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 am

      Oprah is cool but I wouldn’t put her on my sushi menu. Thanks for the comment, Mumu!

      Love, Peace and Oprah California Rolls,
      Brandon Maya

  2. kyle permalink
    11 pm

    sign me up

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