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Secret Society Invitation: Follow the Rabbit in the Moon for Art and Appetizers


Greetings and thank you for accepting this invitation. I know the invite doesn’t explain much but if you follow these  simple detailed instructions, succulent appetizers, cultured conversations and rum cocktails await you.

Welcome to your first event with The Society.

crab croquette, the rabbit in the moon appetizer

You look brilliant, by the way. Bring your jacket; you’ll be taking a cool evening stroll through the village.

Once you find arched wooden doors and a discrete, swinging welcome sign that reads, “Rabbit in the Moon” give your name to the host. Not knowing what to expect, other than feeling like Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole, walk in from the cold concrete and onto warm oak floors. The English lodge-styled restaurant will greet you with warm amber candlelight and vibrant whispers from diners on the ground floor. But upstairs is where The Society requests your attendance!

Don’t be nervous.

Make your way upstairs and you’ll be greeted by a charming man in a pinstriped suit and ruby-red socks.

Rabbit in the Moon Interior PicturesWalk past the diners and tread the angled staircase to your left. Brick walls stand at your side while a rustic chandelier with exposed light bulbs creates a glowing halo above you. The more steps you climb, the more you’ll hear warm chatter, clinking glasses, and laughter.

Don’t worry, keep going. The only anxiety is the fact that you’re in a pool of strangers but as you reach the top the welcoming greeting from fellow Society members and a fresh fruit  cocktail will make you feel right at home.

3 more steps to go!

Welcome to The Society’s Supper Club.

You may not have thought of yourself as the culture club-type, attending a secret culture club dinner no less but some how this is less pretentious than you imagined.

Society, NYC Chapter Managing Director, Travis McMichael III

The smiling fellow in a pinstriped suit and ruby-red socks takes your jacket and sets a convivial tone that continues throughout the night. The inviting atmosphere is only slightly bested by a mysterious appetizer and cocktail menu, crafted exclusively for Society members.

Interior designers, Wall Street journalists, musicians, photographers, and food writers make introductions and play guessing games about the secret menu. Perhaps a rabbit recipe? Caviar appetizers? As you mingle, the mixologist, Lynette, fills your glass with an apricot and pineapple rum cocktail that places your mind in the tropics. You become more comfortable and join conversations about comical short films, Brazilian jazz, the best food publications and just before you utter the word, “Gourmet” the man in the pinstriped suit and ruby-red socks makes a toast.

With bright, smiling eyes, he introduces himself as the Managing Director of The Society’s New York Chapter (a title worthy of ruby-red socks and pin stripes, of course). He gives a humorous welcome to old and new faces and introduces the chefs.

The Rabbit in the Moon executive and pastry chefs are anxiously ready to burst with succulent details of the mysterious menu.Rabbit in the Moon executive chef and pastry chef - Eat Life FCI

The roaring fireplace lights the dark wooden dining table and chairs. You  take a seat against a backdrop of bookshelves filled with antique bookends and flickering votives. The menu is right in front of you but before you can pick it up, the executive and pastry chefs of Rabbit in the Moon, reveal the first appetizer. A custom menu with modern riffs on English comfort food begins with a Banger & Mash Canapé

 with Shaved Truffles. You appreciate the food humor and sophisticated flavors then feast your eyes on the 11-course carte du nuit.

The Society Rabbit in the Moon Menuby Chef Joshua Elliot  and Pastry Chef Brian Yurko

Hors D’Oeuvres Selection, Chilled

~ Salmon tartare with avocado salad, orange supreme on a potato chip ~

Salmon tartare picture, Rabbit in the Moon

~ Rabbit terrine canapé
with pommery mustard and house-made relish ~

~ Smoked trout canapé with crème fraiche, shaved red onion, caviar Hamachi crudo

 with avocado and grapefruit, served
 on crisp wonton~

~ Lamb carpaccio canapé
with goat cheese tsaziki ~

lamb carpaccio with goat cheese appetizer, dresses & appetizers

~ Crab & cool butternut squash canapé
black sesame vinaigrette ~

Chilled Crab and butternut squash picture, Rabbit in the Moon

Hors D’Oeuvres Selection, Warm

~ Seared scallop toast point

 celeriac salad, with caviar ~

~ Duck confit crepinette with pistachios and dried apricot ~

~ Beer battered prawns housemade tartar sauce ~

~ Tomato & idiazabal tart

with Spanish Estate Olive Oil ~

~ Mini crab cakes

with smoked paprika aioli ~

crab croquette appetizer picture, Dresses & Appetizers

~ Banger & mash canapé

with shaved summer truffles ~

Culture Society Supper Club Picture, Dresses and AppetizersAs you bite into comforting and seasonal flavors with 45 fellow Society members from across the globe, the man in the pinstriped suit and ruby red socks brings you a cocktail. (How did he know you were craving another  tropical refreshment?)

society culture club events

The Society NYC

You give a gracious thank you and  he tells you of the creative Society events to come – photography lessons in the park, underground boxing matches,  a film screening series on the rooftop of art galleries, DJ Spin lessons, architecture tours of the city by bicycle, political discussions and Socials… he then requests your attendance at the next Society event, for instructions click the vintage chair ……….

8 Comments leave one →
  1. 10 am

    Oh my gosh – I’m crashing the party!

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 am

      Hello, there Belinda @Zomppa,
      No need to crash this virtual secret supper, you’re invited! I hope you enjoyed the menu and hope to see you at the next virtual Society event.

      Love, Peace and Caviar,
      Brandon Maya

  2. 10 am

    Wow. Photography lessons, DJ classes, film screenings on art gallery rooftops. Very cool. Definitely sounds like my kind of thing.

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 am

      Cheers, Mumu,
      The events are creative, this virtual secret supper club is just a taste. Hope to see you at the next Society event.

      Love, Peace and Bangers and Mash Appetizers,
      Brandon Maya

  3. fiona permalink
    10 am

    I just found this from a friends tweet. It’s amazing how you placed me right in the party. I paint and cook. How do I learn more about joining the club?

  4. Seven permalink
    10 am

    Nice way to take us to a Supper Club. Secret Art Societies does sound a bit high strung but with this menu, I’d attend.

  5. 10 pm

    I wish you were in LA too…. Looks like I’ll have to plan my next NY trip soon!

  6. aman lee permalink
    10 pm

    Alice in wonderland indeed. Beautiful.

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