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Small Plate: Seaweed Butter Meet the Radish


Good Day, Butter Lover! Radishes go together like pears and prosciutto, Jay-Z and Beyonce, caviar and crepes… and your dinner party calls for some flare to this creative vegetarian appetizer. Asian fare and a piping bag create a gourmet burst to radishes and butter.

Nori Butter and Radish Appetizer - Dresses & Appetizers

Photography by Brandon Maya

Seaweed Butter and Radish Appetizer

1 Bunch Radishes, halved lengthwise
8 Tbsp Butter
1 Bunch Chives, chopped
Nori Seaweed, crushed
Maldon Crystal Salt
1 Piping Bag
Small Star Tip

1. Set butter outside to get to room temperature.

2. Mix chives with butter and place in the refrigerator.

3. After halving the radish, slice a small piece from the back of the radish so it will be stable.

4. Place a star tip in the piping bag. Add the chive butter to the piping bag. Pipe butter on to the radish and garish with maldon salt and crushed nori. Plate and enjoy this delicious vegetarian appetizer.

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