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Video Minis: Shrink Your Comfort Food!


Welcome, Mini Meals. There’s nothing like sampling a bunch of  comfort food appetizers at a dinner party! That’s why I give you Shrink Food! Shrink Food transforms your favorite main dish meals into appetizers. Write in your comfort food, entree favorites and I will shrink them into bite-sized canapes. Watch the video for the flavorful scoop!

Video Mini: Shrink Food
What Do I Do? Share your favorite entrees in the comment section, below, and I will give you delicious appetizer ideas for it.
When Will I Get My Appetizer Ideas? In the middle of November, perfect timing for holiday and dinner parties. To make sure you’re the first to know, subscribe to Dresses & Appetizers for blog updates!

Can’t wait to shrink your entrees!

Love, Peace and Chicken and Waffle Appetizers,
Brandon Maya
Your Appetizer Consultant

4 Comments leave one →
  1. SVN Talk permalink
    10 am

    I want to shrink short ribs. I just cooked them last night but am interested to see them as an appetizer.

    – S

  2. 10 am

    My family loves lasagna. How do I shrink that into an appetizer?

  3. Alana permalink
    10 am

    Fed. Alfrdo with garlic bread- yum!

  4. 10 am

    Ooh, how fun! Can you shrink Thanksgiving dinner?

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