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Shrink Food: “F” is for Fennel and…


… (for shame, wash your mouth out)…”F” is for “f”ennel aaand “f”ourteen delicious appetizer recipes full of the “F” word. For this Shrink Food post I’ve decided peek in to your kitchen for appetizer inspiration. Check out your finest fennel recipes that I’ve shrunk into mini meals and delicious appetizers!

Fennel Appetizer Recipes - Dresses & AppetizersPhotography and Graphics by Brandon Maya

Good Day, Fennel Fronds. My healthy addiction to fennel has finally manifested into a post! Enjoy this bountiful variety of fennel recipes from fennel cookie ice cream sandwiches and fennel-stuffed munchkin pumpkins to fennel pizza and fried fennel stuffing. “F” is for fennel and  “f”east on these refreshingly creative appetizer recipes….

1. Roasted Chicken with Fennel Mustard via Kitchen Konfidence
Appetizer Idea – Chicken Crostini with Fennel Mustard: Slice a baguette into small discs, brush with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Bake the sliced baguettes until crisp and golden. Slice chicken into bite-sized pieces, place on top of baguette and add a dollop of fennel mustard on top. Garnish with fennel fronds.

2. Pumpkin Stuffed with Fennel and Veggie Stew via
Appetizer Idea – Munchkin Pumpkin Stuffed with Fennel and Vegetables: Hollow out a small munchkin pumpkin, fill it with small dices of fennel and your favorite vegetables and bake until soft and delicious.Stuffed Pumpkin Picture, - Dresses & Appetizers

3. Fennel, Mozzarella and Tomato Lasagna via Mostly Eating
Appetizer Idea – Fennel, Mozzarella and Tomato Ravioli Pops: Make fresh pasta and cut into small squares. Add a small helping of fennel, mozzarella and tomato sauce to the center. Brush the exposed sides of the pasta squares with egg wash. Add another pasta square on top and press the sides with a fork to ensure enclosure. Simmer in water until the fennel-stuffed ravioli float to the top. Remove to a baking sheet and inset a small skewer. Top with olive oil and more tomato sauce or pesto.

4. Parmesan-crusted Fennel Fritter via Food & Style
Appetizer Idea – Parmesan-crusted Fennel Fritter with Asian-Style: Create a soy-ginger dip for this fried fennel dish and enjoy. Soy ginger dip – soy sauce, grated ginger, and a little sake, brown sugar, molasses and garlic. Cook the ingredients until slightly thickened and enjoy with fennel.
Fennel Fritters Recipe, Food & Style - Dresses & Appetizers

5. Fennel and Orange Winter Salad via Carmelita’s Cookitaly
Appetizer Idea – Endive Cup with Fennel and Citrus Salad: Slice and place ingredients in a Belgian endive and top with a tangy citrus vinaigrette.

6. Braised Fennel Pizza via Serious Eats
Appetizer Idea – Braised Fennel Pizzette: Make small pizza by rolling out nickel-sized balls of dough and top with small dices of ingredients, bake and enjoy!
Braised Fennel Pizza, Serious Eatrs - Dresses & Appetizers

7. Pan Fried Chicken with Fennel and Sweet Potato Gratin via Secret Diary of a Foodie
Appetizer Idea – Fried Chicken Tenders on Fried Sweet Potato Rounds with Gratin: Dice chicken into bite-sized portions, use batter from Secret Diary of a Foodie, just fry for less time, about 4 minutes. Fry small, quarter-sized, 1/8-inch thick rounds of sweet potatoes. Remove to a paper towel-lined plate. Place fennel gratin on the sweet potato and add fried chicken tender on top.

8. Fennel Seed Slider with Gorgonzola Cheese  via Dresses & Appetizers
Appetizer Idea – Fennel Slider with Goat Cheese: Swap the gorgonzola for goat cheese and we’re in business.

9. Curried Red Beans with Carrots and Fennel via SortaChef
Appetizer Idea – Curried Red Beans, Carrots and Fennel on  Mini Pita Chip: Slice pita bread into small triangles, brush with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Place on a baking sheet and bake the sliced pita until crisp. Add a helping of the curried fennel, bean and carrot mixture into the pita chip and garish with fennel fronds.

10. Fennel and Fig Bread via Wild Yeast
Appetizer Idea – Fennel and Fig Baguette with Roasted  Cherry Tomatoes and Prosciutto: Make a small baguette-sized roll of dough and bake until cooked through. Let cool. Slice baguette, brush with olive oil and bake until slightly crisp, about 5 minutes at 350. Top the fennel and fig baguette with sliced roasted cherry tomatoes, crumbles of crisp prosciutto and olive oil.
Fig Fennel Bread Recipe, Wild Yeast - Dresses & Appetizers

11. Steak Sauteed with Fennel and Olives via Real Simple
Appetizer Idea – Mini Steak Frites with Fennel and Olives: Cut potatoes into small rectangles, about the size of a rectangular match book. Fry the potatoes in canola oil until crisp, then salt. Drain and let cool. Top the fresh potato chips with small slices of steak and dices of sauteed fennel and olives. Garnish with fennel fronds.Steak with fennel and olives, Food and Wine - Dresses & Appetizers

12. Fennel, Apple and Sausage Stuffing via Food Network Kitchens
Appetizer Idea – Fried Fennel Stuffing Sticks with 3 Dips: Cook the stuffing and pack tightly into a baking dish. Freeze for 4 hours. Cut out small chalk-sized rectangles. Roll the fennel stuffing sticks in flour. Fry the fennel stuffing and make tomato sauce, parsnip puree, and split pea puree with crumbled bacon for dipping.
Fennel Stuffing Recipe, Food Network Kitchen - Dresses & Appetizers

13. Fennel Prosciutto Pomegranate Salad via Smitten Kitchen
Appetizer Idea – Fennel and Prosciutto Salad in Toasted Bread Rings: Freeze a baguette for 3 hours. Slice the baguette into paper-thin sheets, about 6 inches long. Lay the thin bread slices on a sheet pan and lightly brush with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. In a mini muffin tin, place the bread slices so that they form a ring and the edges meet. Bake at 350 until golden and crisp, about 3 minutes. Place the bread rings on a plate and add a small helping of salad inside so that it just shows out of the top of the bread ring and enjoy.
fennel pomegranate salad recipe, Smitten Kitchen - Dresses & Appetizers

14. Anise (Fennel)  Cookies via The Splendid Table
Appetizer Idea – Mini Fennel Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches: Roll small quarter-sized rounds of fennel cookies and bake until golden. Set cookies aside to cool. With a melon baller, scoop out coffee, cookie dough and fresh fennel ice cream. Place the small scoop of ice cream in between the mini cookies, press down to make a small ice cream, fennel cookie sandwich. The fennel ice cream sandwiches can be kept in the freezer and are great for party desserts.

Thanks to all you fennel heads for the appetizer inspiration. I hope you are full of anise flavor and if you want more, share your clever fennel recipe ideas in comments!

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  1. 10 pm

    I love Fennel!!! Thanks for the recipes

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 pm

      Greetings, 1Nmedia,
      I hope you try the fennel appetizer recipes. Let me know which is your favorite.

      Love, Peace and Fennel Funnel Cake,
      Brandon Maya

  2. 10 am

    I’ve actually never had fennel before. 14 recipes is a great way to start! Looking forward to trying them all! 🙂

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 am

      Hi, Mumu,
      Once you try one make sure to give a review, these fennel entree and appetizer recipes are pretty amazing!

      Love, Peace and Anise,
      Brandon Maya

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