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The Art of Filming Food: Online {Hungry Nation’s Working Class Foodies}


Greetings, Pea Pods. Welcome to The Art of Filming Food: Online.

The Art of Filming Food Online: Rebecca Lando Interview - Working Class Foodies, Hungry Nation - Dresses & Appetizers If you watch news videos, sitcoms and food shows online, you should meet Rebecca. Rebecca is the host of Working Class Foodies, an online show about cooking on a budget. She has hooked up with new media monster, Next New Networks, and is working on her third season. Check out her take on online food shows versus television food shows, advice for hosting a new media cooking program and her Earth Day window garden video.

The Art of Filming Food is a 3 part food media series that talks with  food media experts (including directors and producers from Food Network,Cooking Channel and The Kings of Pastry) about  food in movies, television and  online. Now dig in to The Art of Filming Food: Online with new media food host, Rebecca Lando!

Brandon: Where are ya from and what in the world do you do?
: I spent my childhood in Pittsburgh, PA and my adolescence in Sarasota, FL. Now I’m a new media food host on Hungry Nation,  screenwriter, producer, and editor in Brooklyn.

Brandon: What’s so great about food?
Rebecca: Food is the perfect mix of art and communication. Cooking well is a craft, like painting: feeling which spices to use when, and how much, are like brushstrokes and pigment. Cooking for someone is one of the best ways to show them you love them.

Brandon: How did you get started in food and media?
Rebecca: I’ve always loved cooking and writing. Years ago, I tried to run a food blog, but after a long day of work and hours cooking and cleaning, I was too wiped to sit down and write coherently, and I found that I couldn’t write well about food days later, especially when the recipes were only in my head. My boyfriend and I are both filmmakers – he’s a cinematographer – so we just started filming our cooking, so we’d have a perfect record of everything.

Brandon: What is Working Class Foodies all about?
That cooking is fun and simple; that cooking conscientiously is affordable and approachable; that you can learn something from every dish you cook, whether or not it turns out well.

Brandon: How did you start working with Hungry Nation?
Rebecca: We approached Next New Networks with the concept for Working Class Foodies. Next New Networks is a pioneer in web video content: IndyMogul, Obama Girl, Barely Digital and Barely Political are some of their hit shows and networks. They curate their networks very well and were looking to start a food network. It was good timing all around, and Working Class Foodies was sort of the flagship show on HungryNation when the network launched in September 2009, along with the already-established show, VendrTV.

Brandon: What’s your favorite appetizer?
Oysters! I’m a fan of simplicity. Heirloom tomatoes sliced and sprinkled with a little coarse sea salt is the best appetizer in summer and early fall.

Brandon: What the difference between online cooking shows and television cooking shows?
Rebecca: I think new media has powerful potential for cooking shows. We can interact with our audience in an immediate and intimate way that even the most attentive TV show can’t do. Starting next season (beginning Oct. 4) we’ll have mini ‘quick tip’ videos that will air parallel to our full episodes: simple, more in-depth tips or ideas based on whatever recipe we’re doing in that episode. We can crowdsource ideas for those ‘quick tips’ and our full episodes; it’s something we’ve done in the past, most notably for our Earth Day episode. I asked fans on Twitter and Facebook which of 3 topics they’d like us to cover for Earth Day, and the response was huge. With only a week’s advance notice, we were able to create the episode our audience most wanted to see. That’s something that even the most fan-dedicated TV show can’t do.

Working Class Foodies: How to Garden for Earth Day, Window Box, Urban

Brandon: What else are you involved in regarding food and media? and what’s next?
Right now, we’re planning out Season 3 of Working Class Foodies. I’m collaborating with various friends on a few cookbook projects. I’m working with some other new media food startups on some locally-based multimedia food projects.

Brandon: Have any pieces of advice for foodies who want to host an online cooking show?

  1. Know your audience – think of them as your friends.
  2. Use the medium to your advantage. Don’t just try to make a ‘tv-like’ show with web resources. Think about what the web gives you that tv doesn’t: real-time audience interaction, video-within-video content, etc.

Thanks to Rebecca for the wonderful new media interview!

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  1. 10 am

    I enjoy reading about how people got into their line of work. It’s cool to see where the inspiration comes from. In this case it was all about sticking to the main purpose but finding the right medium. Very cool 🙂

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 am

      How goes it, Muhammad?!
      Part of why I do these posts is to learn. I love to know how people take their love of cooking and develop it into strong media and business projects and brands! And because I’m a savory and digital nut, Rebecca is a perfect fit for learning about new media. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

      Love, Peace and Media Mangoes,
      Brandon Maya

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