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Meet & Eat: S’mores + Push Pop = Genius


What a way to eat like a kid again (without the mess), give back to the community and make s’more history. Catering for Project by Project‘s charity tasting event, Plate by Plate, gave me the opportunity to share this brilliant s’more invention. “S’more Push Pops” were created by chef Robb at Union Square Events. And, Oh dear, were they devoured!

Gourmet S'more, No Mess - Dresses & Appetizers

1. Toasted homemade marshmallow 2. Ground graham cracker  3. Chocolate ganache
Photography by
Brandon Maya

We set up a camping station with smoked wood, birch rounds, a mini camp fire,  S’more Push Pops, and the adults swarmed like bees on banana bread. The best compliment of the night was from a gentleman, with bright eyes and a huge smile who said, “This is actually making me happy! I feel like a kid again.” It feels good to feed memories,  participate  in such a delicious charity event and give instructions for eating S’more Push Pops.

S’more Push Pop Directions: Push Stick. Eat. Repeat.

This years annual Plate by Plate event was aimed at improving the quality of health care for the Asian American community. The ballroom was bursting with live music, party attire and over 20 restaurants who donated delicious dishes like pastrami sliders from Blue Smoke, seared tuna sushi, mini kiwi salad, roast duck appetizers, suckling pig wraps and more.

Every year the charity theme changes so check out the Project by Project website and  I hope to see you at next year’s Plate by Plate!

For more delicious photos from the Plate by Plate charity event

Homemade Pastrami Slider from Blue Smoke

Pastrami Slider Picture by Blue Smoke, Plate by Plate - Dresses & Appetizers

Super Refreshing Kiwi Salad

Kiwi Salad Picture, Plate by Plate Charity Event - Dresses & Appetizers

French Culinary Institute Chefs: Nils Noren, Cooking Issues. Chef Annette & the Green Apple.

French Culinary Institute Chef Instructor Pictures: Nils Noren, Cooking Issues and Chef Annette at Plate by Plate Charity Event

Amazing Fruit Sculpture
Fruit Sculpture Picture, Plate by Plate Charity Event - Dresses & Appetizers

Melting Pork Skewers
Pork Skewer Picture, Plate by Plate Charity Event - Dresses & Appetizers

S’mores Push Pop Station Set Up (Just at Like at Camp but Better)  Union Square Events Catering
S'mores Push Pop Station Union Square Events Catering, Plate by Plate - Dresses & Appetizers

S’mores Push Pops of Awesomeness, Union Square Events

S'mores Push Pop, Union Square Events, Plate by Plate Charity Event - Dresses & Appetizers

8 Comments leave one →
  1. Seven permalink
    10 pm

    I love S’mores! S’more push pops sounds crazy good. How do you make homemade marshmallows? I’ll have to check Plate by Plate next year!

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 pm

      Hi, Seven,
      Glad you like. The push pop vessel was awesome. We piped and funneled in soft homemade marshmallow, crumbled graham cracker, and chocolate ganache and happy eaters pushed it in their mouths! It was a sight for hungry eyes.

      Love, Peace and S’mores,
      Brandon Maya

  2. 10 pm

    I don’t know why we do it, but putting food on sticks is gooooood! And this stuff is really making my mouth water. Btw, “home made” marshmallows? You can do that?!

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 am

      Oh, but you can make fresh marshmallows, they happen to be much lighter, fluffier and less sweet. I must admit, I’m no baker but I found this scrumptious homemade vanilla bean marshmallow recipe for you and Seven on Saveur magazine’s website – . Enjoy!

      Love, Peace and Chocolate Marshmallows,
      Brandon Maya

  3. 10 am

    oh i LOVE your idea! it’s so great!

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 am

      Greetings, Jana!
      The S’mores Push Pops was an edible success! I’m glad you like it, only wish you could have tasted it! Come to Plate by Plate next year, if we don’t have the S’mores Push Pops, we’ll have something better.

      And, oh my stars and stripes on the Fennel Ice Cream!!!! I looooove the stuff!

      Love, Peace and Push Pops,
      Brandon Maya

  4. Dawne permalink
    10 pm

    I love these!!! Where would you find these popsicle molds?

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 pm

      Hello there, Dawne,
      I’m not sure where the S’mores push pop vessel came from but Cake & Baking Supply in NY has lots of goodies or you can call Union Square Events and ask, just send a link to this post so they can see it 🙂

      Love, Peace and S’mores,
      Brandon Maya

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