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French Technique: Artsy Tomato Peeling Picture Show


Want to feel French while peeling your tomatoes? Moi aussi. Let’s grab a glass of wine, enjoy some duck confit and watch the Artsy  Tomato Peeling Picture Show.

French Culinary Technique: Picture of Peeling Tomatoes - Dresses & Appetizers
Bonjour, Ma Petite Chou. The French Culinary Institute gives lots of technical flair to your cooking style. Even tomatoes get refined. I am sharing a tomato technique that I gathered from my (and Bobby Flay’s) alma mater.

Peeling tomatoes is apart of a larger tomato preparation called “tomato concasse” (peeling, seeding and dicing tomatoes). Enjoy part one of  the tomato concasse technique, the Artsy Tomato Peeling Picture Show, then try it at home.  Here’s what you need…

Roma tomatoes
Deep Pot
Large Bowl
Paring Knife

1. In a deep pot, boil water, then reduce to a simmer. In a large bowl, place ice and water. Carve a shallow hole in the top of the tomato.
Culinary Technique: Peeling Tomatoes - Dresses & Appetizers

2. Cut a small “x” at the bottom of the tomato.
French Culinary Technique: Picture Peeling Tomatoes - Dresses & Appetizers

3. Place the tomatoes in the simmering water for about 1 minute. Remove the tomatoes into the bowl of  ice water to cool.

4. Pull out the cooled tomatoes and starting from the “x”, peel the skin back towards the other end. Et Fini!
French Culinary Technique Picture Show: Peeling Tomatoes - Dresses & Appetizers

Watch the tomato technique and how to make salmon croquette appetizers, here.

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  1. Leena permalink
    10 pm

    Kick ass! Artistic tomato peeling. Clever.

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 am

      Thanks, Leena. I figure peeling tomatoes is only exciting if you spruce it up and I got my graphic design fix!

      Love, Peace and Tomato Design,
      Brandon Maya

  2. custom chrome rims permalink
    10 am

    im feeling it

  3. weight loss calculator permalink
    10 am

    trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name


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