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Cancelled!! Meet & Eat: Conscience Cooking with Carrot Mob and City Harvest


I just received an email from one of the organizers saying that this event is cancelled. Apologies to everyone who was planning to come to the event, I was excited to feed you. Though, this event is cancelled there are plenty more in our future so please stay tuned for future Meet and Eats! Apologies again for the inconvenience.

Yours Truly,

Hello, Hungries. Let’s feed the food revolution, starting with bodegas. I’ll explain…

Carrot Mob, City Harvet and Brandon Johnson - Dresses & Appetizers

Not sure what a bodgea is? I wasn’t either, until I moved to Brooklyn. Bodega means grocer in Spanish. Usually located on the corners of urban neighborhoods, bodegas are tiny, 24-hour, indie-stores that still sell 50-cent bags of Doritos, and vintage candy. We used to call bodegas “corner stores” in D.C., where I’m from. Any who, let’s just say, the food is not that healthy. And that’s where we (City HarvestCarrot Mob and The Brooklyn Food Coalition, you and yours truly) come in.

To encourage bodegas to carry healthier food choices, City Harvest, Carrot Mob and The Brooklyn Food Coalition are conducting a bodega cooking class this Saturday (details below) with me as your healthy bodega chef. All you need to do is show up and eat. Here’s the idea — the more eaters that support this movement, the more the bodega owners will say, “I should carry food with better nutritional value”, people of the community will eat the good-for-you bodega food and this will ultimately lower the risks of obesity, diabetes and other maladies.

If that’s not enough, Carrot Mob and City Harvest are some cool non-profits that will bring out a sociable, fun crowd with a conscience. I’ll be able to meet all of you fine people as I cook the delicious meal for the social shindig.  You get to spend a beautiful Saturday in BK –stroll the Brooklyn Museum, enjoy Park Slope for a drink or have a picnic in Prospect Park afterwards. Plus, it’s free! So meet up, eat up and cheers to better bodegas! See you Saturday.

If you or someone you know is in NYC, here are the details for the Bodega Cooking Class this Saturday, Aug. 21 from 12 – 4 PM. Join us, won’t you?

Learn more about Carrot Mob and City Harvest with these videos…

Carrot Mob: Watch Conscience Consumers (YOU) Change Business

City Harvest: A Million Apples on the Subway, Food Rescue

Hope to see you there!

Love. Health and Small Plates,

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  1. 10 pm

    I think the “Bodega Initiative” is a great idea! And it’s great to see healthy choices being rewarded. Very encouraging. 🙂

    (Also, the apple video is brilliant! Great post!!)

  2. brandon maya permalink*
    10 pm

    Hi, Muhammad,
    When I saw I’d be cooking with City Harvest, BK Food Coalitions and Carrot Mob’s support, I was happy and floored by these AMAZINGLY PROGRESSIVE ORGS. I’m glad you enjoyed the videos and hope you enjoy the bodega cooking food photos that I post after the event! Feel free to inquire about setting up your own Carrotmob, or volunteering with City Harvest and The Food Coalition, they are wonderful places to do good and meet folks. Thanks for the comment.

    Love, Peace and Healthy Appetizers,

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