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Debate Table: Raise Your Hand If You Rinse Pasta


Debate Table is about the food theories that are, well… debatable. Join the table and add your feedback!
Pasta: Fresh Linguini - Dresses & Appetizers

Fussilli, linguini, penne, orzo, macaroni…pasta lovers may throw a meatball in your eye for cooking pasta then rinsing it under water and some folks may kiss you for it.

Some say that rinsing cooked pasta washes off the good starch that helps the sauce to stick, and some say it all depends on whether it’s a cold pasta recipe or a hot pasta recipe. Here’s the debate: does water-rinsing cooked pasta take away from the texture and flavor? Or does cooked pasta need a little shower before getting sauced? Join the Debate Table and add your tasty feedback.

Photography by my talented friend, Naeem Davis

Debate Table Extras:

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