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Entertaining Idea: Floating Cocktail Party with Grilled Fruit Mixed Drinks


Howdy, Hot Toddies! After posting delicious cocktail recipes, every hour, since 12PM, you must be ready to party. So here is an entertaining idea that brings all 6 mixed drinks together. Enjoy!

Entertaining Idea: Floating Cocktail Party - Dresses & Appetizers

Greetings, My Cheeky Martinis. Wasp Catchers are reminiscent of nights chasing fireflies and climbing oak trees. Before citronella candles, bottles were filled with sweet syrup and hung from tree limbs to trap wasps. And now these floating bottles are a creative way to decorate an outdoor cocktail party. Tape labels on the bottles reading, “mojito”, “limoncello”, and “sangria”, and let your friends pick drinks from the trees. These lucid hanging bottles are eco-friendly. Adding colorful drinks inside creates a jewel-tone color palette, and is an artistic way to bottle your mixed drinks. Salut!

Note: Glass is delicate and can break, please handle with care. Drink responsibly.

Entertaining Idea: Floating Cocktail Party

Tableware: Wasp Catcher

Menu for Floating Cocktail Party/ Grilled Fruit Mixed Drink Recipes:

Sip on 6 cocktail recipes that include grilled fruit, fresh from the Farmer’s market.

1.Grilled Lemon:  Limoncello Recipe with Grilled Lemons
limoncello with grilled lemons, dresses & appetizersimage: kerryball

2. Grilled Plum:  White Sangria Recipe with Grilled Plums
white sangria recipe with grilled fruit
image: sarawthoutthere

3. Grilled Mango: Grilled Mango Bellini Recipe
mango bellini recipe with grilled mango - Dresses & Appetizers

4. Grilled Lime: Mojito Recipe with Grilled Limes
mojito with grilled lime

image: Michele in Wonderland

5. Grilled Peaches: Peach Cobbler Cocktail Recipe with Grilled Peaches

peach cobbler cocktail recipe with grilled peaches - dresses & appetizers

6. Mimosa Recipe with Grilled Oranges

mimosa recipe with grilled oranges - dresses & appetizers
image: ReeseCLloyd

Cocktail Party Countdown Menu

12:00 PM Cocktail – Mimosa with Grilled Oranges

1:00 PM Cocktail – White Sangria with Grilled Plums

2:00 PM Cocktail – Limoncello with Grilled Lemons

3:00 PM Cocktail – Mango Bellini with Grilled Mango

4:00 PM Cocktail – Mojito with Grilled Lime

5:00 PM Cocktail – Peach Cobbler Cocktail with Grilled Peaches

lead image: nikkol alexis

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