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Debate Table: How Do You Clean Mushrooms?


Debate Table is about the food theories that are, well… debatable. Join the table and add your feedback!
Cleaning Mushrooms

There are lots of techniques for mushrooms, like salting them after cooking to lock in moisture and flavor. But one technique has caused a great debate: How to Properly Clean Mushrooms. After recipe testing, catering and helping Tom make shiitake mushroom ravioli, I’ve heard millions of methods for cleaning mushrooms (okay, more like 3 methods) – water rinse, damp towel, don’t clean them at all…How do you clean mushrooms? Join the Debate Table and give your feedback.

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  1. 10 am

    I seriously thought that you just run em under cold water. Is there more to it? Are you supposed to use a brush?

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 pm

      Hi Muhammad,
      I tested soaking mushrooms versus using a damp towel on button, shiitake and portabella mushrooms and the flavor was best when using a damp towel. The mushrooms were crisp, more flavorful and cooked faster when I used a damp towel. Soaking them in water made them soggy and diluted the flavor.

      My friend @ pointed out that you don’t need to wash these:
      Hen of the Woods

      Enjoy your fungi!


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