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You Know You’re NOT a Food Snob When You…


Being silly on an early AM call with my funny friend…(if get in trouble for this, I’m blaming you, Jo Jo ;))

not a food snob list

  1. Ask: “What kind of fish is the filet mignon?”
  2. Go to a restaurant whip out sriracha from your back pocket (the front pocket is OK)
  3. Order a large red wine on the rocks
  4. Order bottled water then take it with you when you leave
  5. Fold the bill and use it to pick your teeth
  6. Ask for ketchup with your crudites
  7. Pronounce filet mignon, “Fill-It Mig-Non”

Got a good one? Eat. Laugh. Comment!

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  1. Dan Liken permalink
    10 pm

    When you say, I want shrimps. (I can’t take you anywhere Brad)

  2. 10 pm

    (Lemme give this a shot.)

    ‘When you think your finger bowl is the soup you ordered’

    ‘When you order caviar and ask the waiter: ‘Does that come with fries?”

    And hey!! I paid for that bottle of water!! I SHOULD be allowed to take it home without any judgement! 😛

  3. Anna permalink
    10 am

    When you’re on a first date, belch at the table and say, “oh, dont worry girl that’s just compliments to the chef.”

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