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Kings of Pastry: Dads & Desserts on Film


When thinking of dads and food, one may imagine grilling, chunks of meat and cold beer but I’d like to share the road less traveled. Celebrate the sweeter side of  man food with the family men behind the movie, Kings of Pastry.
Kings of Pastry Movie Chefs

Bonjour, My Chocolate Bonbons. I don’t mind telling you that  I have about as much in common with a pastry chef as Sarah Jessica Parker has with a hat rack. That’s why my left eye rolled at an invitation to see The Kings of Pastry, the story of 3 elite pastry chefs preparing for France’s most notable pastry competition, the MOF, a.k.a Le Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best Craftsmen in France). After watching wedding cake towers, candy crashes and listening to French music, I realized something – I rolled that eye too soon.

The Kings of Pastry is a horrific yet charming documentary about 3 men preparing for the MOF. It is horrifying in the way that 4 years of intense training (piping, dotting and sculpting 6-foot cakes) boils down to 3 days, the last of which they have to carry their heavy 6-foot sweet sculptures through a narrow, winding hallway. And, of course, everyone can’t make it. But through the spills and pressure, the eccentric French music made the movie charming plus it’s tickling to see these brut men perfect pink sugar flowers.

The story follows pastry chef, Jacquy Pfieffer (middle picture), a father and the teacher / co-founder of Chicago’s French Pastry School. He has trained for the MOF for 4 years and leaves his home of Chicago to continue his MOF training in France. Jacquay’s chocolate trials and wedding cake errors are connected with 2 more pastry chefs, finalists and family men – Regis Lazard (left picture) is trying out for the MOF a second time , since he dropped his dessert sculpture on the first attempt. And Philippe Rigollot (right picture), a pastry chef at France’s prestigious three-star Maison Pic, who can create sugar sculptures in his sleep.

As I watched their hands carefully create these lavish cakes and put their heart into the art of pastry, down to the last detail, I thought, maybe a pastry chef and a catering chef have more in common, after all.

I laughed. The MOF announcer cried. And the French soundtrack was amazing. Happy Father’s Day dad and to all the Kings of Pastry.  Enjoy the clip…

Kings of Pastry Theatre Premiere
Film Forum, NYC
September 15, 2010
by D A Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus
See more MOF pictures at the
Kings of Pastry Facebook Page

Screening Updates for the Kings of Pastry…

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  1. Matt Conner permalink
    10 pm

    I’ve never heard of this movie but I love the French music in the trailer. Is it only showing in New York?

  2. 10 pm

    Dear Brandon – I produced KOP and I want to thank you for the nice shout out. The film launches in NYC in September and then we’ll roll it out to as many theaters as wants it. If people want to see it and know a theater that plays independent and/or documentary films they should speak with the theater manager and tell them to book the film through the distributor – First Run Features. Theaters pay attention when people do that. Films like this one need word of mouth – so everyone needs to spread the word as much as possible.

    Thanks again and we’ll keep the web site updated as much as we can.

    PS I sent Jacquy a link to your blog and he appreciated what you said very much.

  3. brandon maya permalink*
    10 pm

    Hi Frazer,
    It’s an honor. Your film was delightful. I’ll make sure to ask the AFI Silver Theatre in DC and theaters in NY to show it. Tell Jacquy and all the KOP fathers I say, Happy Father’s Day!

  4. 11 pm

    can we have the recipe for the wedding cake? i’d love to make it for my upcoming wedding anniversary. i might not get close to their perfection, but i like the components of the cake.


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