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Barbara Cole’s Thirsty Eyes


Barbara Under Water Photography: Vibrato Jenny - Dresses and Appetizers

Image: Barbara Cole

I imagined artist, Barbara Cole poured water into a crystal clear glass and as it traveled towards her mouth; she saw that it was a looking glass that made the pears and oranges in front of her wave. Then she took the water outside and noticed how the bushes began to snake, and thought there’s art in water. A few water-art experiments later she has become an illustrious artist, recognized for her paintings and under water photography. My hypothesis aside, Barbara’s real story is inspiring.

Unsure of what she wanted to do, Barbara Cole dropped out of high school and worked as a model in her teens. Her photography journey began when she was offered a a job as a fashion editor for the “Tornado Sun” which led to taking photographs for fashion spreads. And as her photographic passion grew she invested in a photography studio in the eighties. Now, Barbara captures underwater photographs of women in beautiful flowing dresses for Anthropologie, Cannes Film Festival and paints soft feminine figures for exhibits around the world. As she busies herself with her camera and paint brushes, Barbara still finds time to reply to letters from adoring fans. Thank you Barbara for using water as art and for your wonderful painting and letter.

Artist: Barbara Cole
Barbara Cole Collections
Fine Art
Commercial Art

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  1. Kimberly permalink
    10 pm

    Who knew the water we drink could be so artistic? I love the photography slideshow and video.

  2. brandon maya permalink*
    10 pm

    Hi, Kimberly! I’m so glad you like the slideshow and video. Check out Barbara Cole’s website for a basket-full of photography! And if you appreciate her work, feel free to send Barbara a note too 🙂

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