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Grey Area: Fresh Mussels & Dress Pleats


Dress with Mussels and White Wine Recipe
Sharing is a tricky bird especially when EmilyRyan’s Spiral Pleats Dress is a one-off. She only made one and it’s @ Nope, I didn’t squirrel it away for myself, though my hand was uncontrollably reaching for my wallet. I left this playful dress for you to sport at your next dinner party and I am sharing a mussels in white wine appetizer recipe to go with (curse my home training). To the lucky lady who does snag this dress, you look smashing! All I ask is that you wear her to a dinner party and send me your review of the dress and food .

Dress: Grey Cotton Spiral Pleats Dress with Tulle

Artist: EmilyRyan

Find it @ Etsy

Appetizer: Mussels in Warm White Wine

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  1. Yuri Daniel permalink
    10 pm

    Quite the concept.

  2. 10 pm

    U lack neither uniqueness or originality…What about an audience?

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 pm

      Thanks, rosemary,sage&thyme n my urban herbal backyard ,
      Dresses & Appetizers keeps growing because of loyal visitors like you. Keep up the comments, share it with friends who like to eat, and enjoy the site. We’ll grow a delicious audience together.

      Love, Peace and Rosemary Muffins,

  3. 10 pm

    Isthe overall concept 4 D&A attire 2 match your food? expand on that, Do we wear red socks when we eat beets? (smile)

    • brandon maya permalink*
      10 pm

      That’s not a shabby idea. Think beets and dresses, and let’s see what you come up with! Thanks for teh comment.

      Love, Tube Dresses and Pickled Beets,

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