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Digital Flea Market


Digital Flea Market: Jayson's Home and Garden

If you’re not too busy this weekend, you have to come with me to the Jayson’s digital flea market. Have you ever tiptoed away with a rare, well-priced, trinket (that you probably don’t need) from the flea market? You snicker to yourself and almost feel guilty, as if someone has mistakenly priced that  embellished turquoise jar and  gemstone cheese plate for under 20 bucks.

Jayson Home and Garden’s website recreates that wonderful feeling of finding vintage kitchenware for a pretty good price. This digital market has everything from marble lamps and pear bouquets to tea jars and cheese cleavers. Not sure why I need a cheese cleaver but I want it! Each artifact tells such a peculiar story; it’s just as amusing to collect them, as it is to wonder why they were created.

Curious: The term Flea Market originated from Le Marche aux Puces (“market with fleas”), the original flea market in Paris. The second-hand goods were assumed to have fleas and voila, a name “Flea Market” was born.

Tableware: Jayson’s Home and Garden Tabletop

Artist: Jayson

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